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Al Safaa Quran Academy has different courses on offer depending upon your requirements. We have qualified tutors, with fluency in the English language. These highly qualified Online Quran Tutors take their students step by step to learn tajweed Quran word by word. We understand that not everyone has the same learning capability. Therefore, our Quran teachers work at a pace that matches each and every one of our student’s learning ability, enabling them to learn the recitation of Quran comprehensively.

Basic Course

You can choose this course if you have an interest in basic learning, begin taking classes online, and apply the principles in every aspect of your life.

Quranic Courses for Kids

We offer interactive and one-on-one Quran learning classes to ensure your children can recite the holy Quran without any hesitation.

Memorizing Course

Our Quran memorization course is designed for those who have a desire for Hifz. They can memorize the holy Quran word by word under the supervision of our skilled Quran teachers.

Contact Us For More Information

We are available 24/7, and the sign-up process is extremely simple! For all new students, we provide 2 weeks Free trial classes.


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